Gex taking a ride on a Turtle Taxi.

Turtle Taxis are Helpers who only appear in Gex 64's exclusive level, Titanic. They are the only means Gex has of not only accessing the majority of the level, but Gex needed them to complete one of the missions in it, along with finding the level's hidden Silver Remote.


Turtle Taxis are big, brown sea turtles that have black and yellow checkered lines on their shells, along with a sign that says "taxi".


  • The debut of the Turtle Taxis also marks the big debut of the Helpers, animals and vehicles Gex can use to progress through a level, as opposed to a platform or animals and vehicles that are primarily part of the environment.
  • Of all the Helpers that have ever appeared, this one is the only one with its own theme music. Fans have labeled it "Leisurely Tides" because of the slow speed turtles normally have and the oceanic theme of the level the Turtle Taxis show up in.
  • It isn't clear what species of sea turtle the Turtle Taxis are. No developers have ever specified which of these they are yet.