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Toon TV is the cartoon-based world in Gex: Enter the Gecko.

The level is based off American cartoons such as the Looney Tunes. Many elements of the Looney Tunes are spoofed in this level such as the "Rabbit Season, Duck Season" gag. The level is similar to New Toonland.

Arguably these stages, and the Scream TV stages, are the most memorable stages from Gex: Enter the Gecko.




Out of Toon

  • Jump To The Teetering Rock.
  • Hunt The Two Hunters.
  • Whack Five Purple Mushrooms.

Fine Tooning

  • Climb The Tree.
  • Storm The Castle.
    • After the section of climbing the swinging I-Beams, there is a red pipe and high striker. Hit the striker, and jump in the pipe to return back to the frozen boat a while back. Ride the boat to the castle to the beginning of the level. This brings you to the castle, where you can enter through the front gate. Use the flame bug to light the rocket, and jump on its side to ride it to the red remote.
    • Also, there's a silver remote behind the castle. You will have to jump around the tower, and onto the small bit of terrain surrounding the castle.


  1. Carrots
  2. Spinach Cans
  3. TNT Plungers



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Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Toon TV

Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Toon TV