The Flatulator
Rez's Serveant - The Flatulator
Flatulator! Fart Charge!
Vital statistics
Title Boss
Gender Male
Race Superhero
Faction Rez
Health 9
Level Boss: The Flatulator
Status Deceased
Location New Toonland

"You are a disgrace to your leotards!" ― Gex

The Flatulator (also known as Super-Fart) is the second boss of Gex.


The Flatulator was an associate of Rez and he was given the order to guard New Toonland (and thus had a Jungle Isle remote on him).

Design and inspiration

He appears to be an out-of-shape former superhero and he parodies Superman.


The Flatulator is the game's second boss, with his namesake boss level becoming accessible when Gex recovers the remote for it from "Rock It!"


Once he appears, the Flatulator will down a green gas-producing fluid to power himself up. He'll first do several fart-propelled charges to either crash into Gex or crash into the walls and knock several anvils down onto him, then take off and fly around. This is where Gex has a chance to attack; Gex has to climb up the walls and use the anvils against the Flatulator. Hit him enough, he'll fall back down onto the ground, otherwise he'll keep flying around until he flies into a wall, taking you with him. Once about 9 anvils hit the Flatulator, he will give up the Jungle Isle remote for Feeding Frenzy.


  • An image of the Flatulator can be seen in the game's special ending credits.
Gex OST - 10 - New Toonland Boss Music HD

Gex OST - 10 - New Toonland Boss Music HD