Sun Snake
Rez's Serveant - Sun Snake
Sun Snake tries to impede Gex
Vital statistics
Title Boss
Gender Unknown
Race Dragon
Faction Rez
Health None; must be avoided
Level Boss: Jungle Gym
Status Deceased
Location Jungle Isle

"They said testing A-bombs here would have no effect" ― Gex

Sun Snake is the third boss of Gex.


Sun Snake was an associate of Rez and it was given the order to guard Jungle Isle (and thus guarded a Kung Fuville remote which stood atop a cliff face).

Design and inspiration

Its appearance resembled a green dragon.


Sun Snake serves as the game's third boss, its boss level "Jungle Gym" becoming accessible when Gex escapes from "Congo Chaos" with the respective remote.


Sun Snake cannot be damaged in any way and Gex has to avoid this creature as he climbs up a cliff face -which features various holes that the boss can jump out of to impede the gecko's ascent- in order to grab the Kung Fuville remote for Sumo City at the top, while a CoCo Kong enemy does the dirty work for Gex and causes Sun Snake to fall down into a pool at the bottom of the cliff and be crushed by a rockslide.


  • Sun Snake is the only boss that doesn't even have HP and has to be avoided in order for the boss to be defeated. This is the only boss that is fought like this.
  • Sun Snake and the hidden boss on Planet X are the only bosses that don't fly/levitate.
  • Sun Snake is the only boss in the series to not be killed by Gex, as it is the CoCo Kong who kills it with the rockslide.
Gex OST - 14 - Jungle Isle Boss Music HD

Gex OST - 14 - Jungle Isle Boss Music HD