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Scream TV is the horror-themed world in Gex: Enter the Gecko.

The level takes place in a large haunted mansion and is a spoof of horror movies. In the level Gex encounters Ghosts, Zombies, and floating furniture.

The first level, "Smellraiser," resembles a 19th century mansion, with "Frankenteinfield" vaguely resembling a castle. Additionally, the level "Poltergex" resembles a more modern, 20th century mansion.




Thursday The 12th

  • Bonus Level: Find The Given Items In Time.


  • Survive The Haunted Mansion.
  • Smash Five Blood Coolers.
  • Ride The Haunted Elevator.


  • Run The Axe Gauntlet.
  • Head Down The Ramp.
  • Stick Across The Ceiling Maze.


  • Reach The Top Of The Morgue.
  • Ascend The Ghost Tower.
  • Smash Eight Blood Coolers.

Texas Chainsaw Manicure

  • Secret Level: Ride The Floating Furniture.
Scream TV Collectibles

The Friday the 13th-inspired collectibles of Scream TV.


  1. Skulls
  2. Tombstones
  3. Hockey Masks





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  • Main
    Scream TV 1
  • Eerie Way
    Scream TV 2
  • Frankenstein Chamber
    Scream TV 3


  • Scream TV along with Rezopolis are the largest levels in Gex: Enter the Gecko with 5 total. However Rezopolis possibly has 6 levels so it is possible that Rezopolis is larger.
  • Scream TV has the largest amount of missions of all levels with 3 levels having 3 missions and 2 levels having 1 mission. There is not even a single Scream TV level with 2 missions.
  • Scream TV is very similiar to the Cemetery in Gex, only Scream TV takes place in a haunted house/tower and the Cemetery takes place in a graveyard.
  • The secret level "Texas Chainsaw Manicure" is not included within the N64 version of the game.
  • When Gex uses his tail to whack or jumps on the grandfather clock, the bell rings.
  • Several portraits and paintings served as disturbing frames by this world, for exemple: