Rez is a megalomaniac, cybernetic entity, and the main antagonist of the series; he is also the arch-nemesis of Gex. His one true ambition is to control the entire Media Dimension under his own rule and ensure the longevity of bad TV shows and Z-Grade movies. He leads an army of various TV characters from different TV worlds which is where his nickname "Lord of the Media Dimension" came in. He also has a collection of Star Trek bloopers, according to Xtra (whom he kidnapped in the third game to get to Gex).

In Gex, Rez tried to make Gex his network's mascot. When Gex defeated Rez, Rez lost his power over the Media Dimension. In Gex: Enter the Gecko, Rez was trying to take over what he lost in Gex and restart his empire.

Not much is known about the origins of Rez, only that he thrives and lives within the Media Dimension, and that he is incredibly versatile at constantly popping up every few years, after Gex has rid him from the Media Dimension.

In Enter the Gecko Rez's fight takes place in none other than Rezopolis. Rez employs several weapons against Gex which include homing missiles and eye lasers. Rez also reveals to Gex that he is his father. This is debatable, as it could just be a reference to Star Wars, and Gex even makes a snide comeback to this. In Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, he also has a target on his chest when it is revealed, which is his weak spot. After he is defeated, he disappears and Gex rescues his partner, Agent Xtra. It is possible that Rez may still be alive, but he has not been seen since then.


The Rez's identified appearance is his cylindrical eyes, sharp teeths, a blade over the head and no legs.

In first game, he looks like a cockroach, purple, skeletal, full of liquid noise on his head, test pattern on right eye, film leader countdown on left eye, circle on his belly and use a steel cloak.

In second game, he has an organic part as lizard skin, yellow cat eyes, holes on his armor, a rectangle bright blue on nape, blades on shoulder & arms, fire fingernails, loose wires and supported by a rocket propellant.

In third game, his appearance is the same in the second game, but he is more mechanized, 1 on right eye, 2 on left eye, sharp steel fingernails and supported by a 4 rocket propellants.


Prior to the events of the game series, Rez fall in a scrap heap in an attempt to steal a cable.[1] Eventually, Rez created his own television empire with several installations claiming lord from his world called Media Dimension.[2][3] He continued his expansion controlling various TV channels to be part from his world, the Cemetery for example was the scenery where Abbot and Costelo met Frankenstein and other monsters.[4]

In first game, Rez needed a mascot for his empire's network where he sends a robotic fly to Hawaii and the chosen one was Gex where the same swallowed his fly.[5] When he is confronted by Gex, Rez tries to attack him with remote controle as boomerang, beams, cyclone spin and lasers until he was defeated by being hit with Gex's spit. Rez is transformed in a energy sphere.

In second game, Rez has his dossier discovered by government agents where this time he is wanted and Gex is his opposition.[6] He had help from several minions in his reformed empire until they were eliminated by Gex one by one, such as: The Tiki Brothers, Mooshoo Pork and Mecharez.[7][8][9]In the final battle, Rez attacks swooping, shooting missiles, increasing in size to attack with his own hands and firing lasers until he is defeated when is electrocuted and hit by giant TVs. Rez is trasformed in a energy sphere again, but this time is trapped in a TV. Rez claims he is Gex's father, but the same doesn't believe it and turns off the TV where he had been for a long time.

In third game, Rez is seen on a pirate ship in the opening where he picks up his spyglass to look for Gex. In the adventure that takes place, Rez kidnaps Agent Xtra in his lair, orders the Mobsters to imprison Cuz and spreads chaos in Media Dimension with his space station. [10][11] In the final battle that follows, Rez attacks Gex with missiles, ramming, create shockwaves and use his cyclone spin until he is defeated when is hit on abdomen by Gex's spit. Unlike the previous two games, parts of Rez's body explode and he falls into a liquid noise pit. He is therefore presumed dead, as he hasn't been seen since.


This is a list of all of Rez' powers and weapons seen in throughout the series.

  • Remote Control: Rez used a control to activate traps and launch as a boomerang against Gex in Gex.
  • Bombs: Rez summoned bombs that rain down on Gex. Seen in Gex.
  • Cyclone: Rez has is able to spin at incredibly fast speeds, creating a "cyclone" effect. Seen in Gex and Deep Cover Gecko.
  • Diminishment/Growth: Rez is seen being able to increase or decrease his size instantaneously. He is only seen actively doing this in Enter the Gecko, though it was hinted he could in Gex; when Rez reached through Gex's TV to bring him to the Media Dimension, his arm was larger than Gex himself, though when Gex actually meets Rez they are roughly the same size.
  • Exploding TVs: Rez summoned several exploding TVs in Gex.
  • Hand Slam: Rez slams his hands on Gex when the player has to make Rez hit the green tower in Enter the Gecko.
  • Laser Vision: Rez is able to shoot powerful laser beams from his eyes. Seen in Gex and Enter the Gecko
  • Liquid Rez: Rez is able to shoot bolts of Liquid Rez from his abdomen, and also summoned several globs of liquid Rez to target Gex. Seen in Gex.
  • Missile Launcher: Rez has two missile launchers mounted on his shoulders and fires his missiles at Gex. Seen in Enter the Gecko and Deep Cover Gecko. In Enter the Gecko the screen changes to Rez's lock-on screen, making the player not see where the missiles come out from until Deep Cover Gecko.
  • Ramming: Rez was seen trying to ram Gex. Seen in Gex and Enter the Gecko.
  • Shockwave: Rez created a shockwave. Seen in Deep Cover Gecko.
  • Swipe: Rez made several swipes. Seen in Enter the Gecko and Deep Cover Gecko.
  • Transformation: In Gex and Enter the Gecko, Rez is seen transforming into a sphere of energy, to retreat. In the Deep Cover Gecko novelization, Rez is seen transforming to liquid noise rather than exploding, when he is hit with slime from the slime flies, and transforming back.

Gex's Father?

Gex's father is mentioned in the Gex instruction manual as "Dad". He works for NASA and is always doing research. He and ten other volunteers were chosen to see if they would eat tapioca pudding in zero gravity. However, their rocket exploded due to a Band-Aid floating in one of the fuel tanks, killing them. His death devastated his family, and resulted in Gex's love for TV after he spends most of his days in front of the screen to deal with his death.[12]

In Enter the Gecko, after Gex defeats Rez, Rez says that he is Gex's father. Gex asks how that's possible, and Rez explains, "It's true. I didn't always look like this; I fell into a scrapheap, while trying to get free cable.". To this day it is still not known whether Rez truly is Gex's father, though in the special ending of the U.S. version of Enter the Gecko Gex said: "Dad is a megalomaniac TV Killer who happens to dress as the tin man." Also in the ending of the PS1 version of Deep Cover Gecko, Gex makes a sarcastic comeback to this ("That's my dad! Good thing I got you out of there when I could/did!"). The Deep Cover Gecko novelization reworks the whole concept, so it is possible.

  • This was a retcon.
  • This was merely a reference to Star Wars.

Liquid Rez

Throughout the series, liquid noise is seen all around Rezopolis. The game manuals and the Deep Cover Gecko novelization describe it is as the very essence of Rez.

In Gex and Enter the Gecko, Rez transforms into liquid Rez to retreat; and in Enter the Gecko and Deep Cover Gecko, Rez is seen sitting in a giant vat of liquid Rez.


The following section is Rez's quotes heard from Gex: Enter the Gecko in the Playstation version (Nintendo 64 version has less quotes because CDs have more data than a cartridge). A majority of them are heard in Channel Z although some quotes can be heard outside the level (When entering a boss channel except Mooshoo Pork, and touching a gate that hasn't been unlocked). The Rez quotes when the player hasn't unlocked any gates or entering a boss channel can still be heard if you activate the "Blabbermouth Gex" cheat.

Touching the gates

  • "You'll never survive Gilligex Isle." (Touching the first gate if it hasn't been unlocked)
  • "No one can defeat the Tiki Brothers." (Touching the first gate if it hasn't been unlocked)
  • "You cannot get past the Tiki Brothers." (Touching the first gate if it hasn't been unlocked)
  • "You'll never defeat the evil Mooshoo." (Touching the red gate if it hasn't been unlocked)
  • "Mooshoo Pork cannot be destroyed!" (Touching the red gate if it hasn't been unlocked)
  • "Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!" (Rez's Laugh and used when the green gate hasn't been unlocked too)
  • "Just try and defeat Mecharez!" (Touching the blue gate if it hasn't been unlocked)
  • "Mecharez will stop you!" (Touching the blue gate if it hasn't been unlocked)

When entering on bosses TV

  • "Ha! Ha! Ha! I hope you have an extra kidney!" (When entering Gilligex Isle)
  • "Gecko stew, anyone?" (When entering Gilligex Isle)
  • "My ultimate creation: Mecharez." (When entering Gexzilla vs. Mecharez)
  • "You'll never stop my creation: Mecharez!!!" (When entering Gexzilla vs. Mecharez)
  • "You finally met your match young lizard." (When entering Channel Z)

Channel Z

  • "The wrath of Rez...Is upon you."'
  • "You cannot escape from my empire!!!"
  • "YOU!!! Will be destroyed!!!"
  • "Prepare to suffer, under my wrath."
  • "I will destroy you."
  • "LOSER!!!"
  • "You want a peace of me?"
  • "Come and get me."
  • "Now I have you."
  • "You will fail worthless lizard."
  • "Another worthless opponent."
  • "You cannot hide little reptile."
  • "You are not worthy."
  • "You are not what you claim to be!!!"
  • "Time to die."
  • "You are ready for a whip in the tail."
  • "Your quick tongue is no match for me."
  • "You are tongue-wise, tail-foolish."
  • "It's time to succumb to my power!!!"
  • "You now have my full attention."
  • "I will...CRUSH you!"
  • "I have you now."
  • "You are mine!!!"
  • "Tail whip this."
  • "There is no way to survive inferior one!!!"

Blabbermouth Gex

  • "My world is much too difficult, young gecko."
  • "The Media Dimension wasn't what it once was young Gex."
  • "You'll never leave the Media Dimension."
  • "You'll never escape the Media Dimension."
  • "You'll be trapped in my Media Dimension."


  • "Gex. It's me, your father"
  • "It's true. I didn't always look like this; I fell into a scrapheap, while trying to get free cable."
  • "No, no! Don't do it."


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  • Throughout the Gex trilogy, Rez's appearances were always different.
  • In Gex 3, Rez's Lair (Rezopolis) didn't appear and there was only one Rez level, Channel Z: RezRaker.
  • Rez in Gex: Enter the Gecko talks. When entering a Boss Channel, except for Mooshoo Pork, he says something before Gex enters the channel. In the N64 version due to data limitations of cartridges compared to CDs, he has less quotes in the game. However, to hear some of his quotes, the player would need to tail whip the Channel Z level entrance.
  • When defeated in Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, Rez seems to fall into the main reactor of his space station. Not only is this similar to Emperor Palpatine's death in Star Wars, but the station's main reactor resembles that of the Death Star as well.
  • Like Mecharez, Mooshoo Pork, and the Tiki Bros., Rez's theme in the second game changes after a certain amount of hits. However, like the Tiki Bros. and Mecharez, Rez's theme gets a whole different arrangement of music. He is currently the only character that has this trait and it can only be heard in the Playstation version of Enter the Gecko.
  • In Gex: Enter The Gecko, it seems Rez likes disco. He has disco rooms which appear in the Four Weddings And A Funeral level and in the bonus level, The Spy Who Loved Himself.
  • In Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, he shares the same boss theme as Brain of Oz and Rock Hard. Thus, being the only entry in the series that he has no boss theme of his own.
  • Interestingly in Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, when the player goes to the War and Pieces bonus level to destroy the Reztanks, Rez's design is the same design as it was in Gex: Enter the Gecko.
  • There is a glitch in Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko in which Rez can't damage Gex at all. In order for this to happen the player needs to simply stand on the edge to the pathway to the Slimefly TV. However if Rez has 1 HP left he will fire missiles no matter where the player is.
  • Throughout the trilogy, Rez cannot be damaged directly with Gex's regular moves, i.e the tail whip. He shares this distinction with the Flatulator and Sun Snake from the first game, the Tiki Bros. and Mooshoo Pork from the second, and Brain of Oz from the third. For the first battle, he shoots Beacon Flies at him, in the second, he tricks him into slamming buttons on the floor of his lair, and in the third, he destroys him by spitting acid flies at him. However, Gex can tail whip Rez into the electrified generator during the first phase of his battle in Enter the Gecko, though he can alternately trick him into flying into it.
  • In Gex: Enter The Gecko three different pictures of Rez can be seen in the levels. Of course, there is his normal form in the game (seen on the Rezopolis TV and Channel Z TV); there are the pictures used on the stained glass windows in the inner sanctum of Rezopolis (Four Weddings And A Funeral) which can be seen properly on the wall of the disco room in The Spy Who Loved Himself, depicting Rez with mainly green flesh and a multicolour, circular screen on his abdomen with the number 5 on it; finally there is a more robotic looking Rez, with a full metal body and blue glowing eyes and circular screen on the abdomen, seen on the TV screens lining the entrace walls in Channel Z, laughing, and in full in the hanging tapestries on the walls of the boss room in Channel Z. This doesn't include the concept artwork in the bonus ending, which also has a picture of Rez with some differences.


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