Rez's World Channel - Planet X

Map of Planet X

Planet X is the super secret world of Gex, based on the sci-fi genre. There are 8 levels here, and completion of them all results in the special ending.



  • Saucer Section-This level consists of bouncing back and fourth of flying saucers.
  • Free Fall
  • Bombs Away
  • Head to Head-Tail bouncing away from acid pools on robots.
  • Newton's 4th Law-Some parts of this level are zero gravity.
  • The Project-A difficult maze like level with few varied paths.
  • The Web-A large gigantic, almost harmless maze.
  • Clothesline-The final level in Planet X.


  • It was originally meant to be a regular world.
  • The Project and The Web have a different soundtrack then the rest of the levels.
  • The Web has a few secrets hidden in it.
    • There is a hidden boss. It is hidden in a portal at the center top of the map. It is a man consisting of liquid rez walking at a slow pase. When killed he will fall to the ground, scream, bleed, and fade away.
      • The boss theme is the main theme for Gex slowed down.
      • Him and the Sun Snake are the only bosses not to levitate/fly.
    • Unless your fighting the boss, there are power ups through out the maze that otherwise serve no purpose.
    • In the 3DO version, there is a portal at the bottom left of the map that takes you to a bonus space shooter level. It uses the same theme that The Project and The Web use, and Gex makes some unique quotes.
  • Clothesline can be completed easily by ducking the whole way on the saucer trip.
  • Newton's 4th Law is not playable in the PAL PS1 version of the game.

Gex OST - 24 - Planet X Stage Music HD

Gex OST - 24 - Planet X Stage Music HD