The list of bosses throughout the Gex games.


  • Morphina/Graveyard Witch - She is a psychic young woman with green skulls floating around her which she uses as weapons in her first form. When she turns ugly, she uses vomiting instead. and you can find her in the grave yard.
  • The Flatulator/Super Fart - A superhero that farts his way through the sky and you can find him in his lab.
  • Sun Snake - A simple green Asian dragon who is found in the jungle. It jumps in and out of the cliff. You cannot attack the dragon, the point is to dodge it until you reach the top, then a gorilla will cause an avalanche.
  • Toxic Turtle - A robot turtle with jet legs. It is found in a swamp.
  • Rez - The final boss. You fight him in his lair, you must jump towards him and tail-whack him multiple times. When he dies you are released from the Media Dimension.

Gex: Enter the Gecko

  • The Tiki Brothers - A trio of tribal witch doctors (or shamans) who shoot blue fireballs at you. Tail-whack the fireballs back at them and each time you hit one it falls in the fire pot, hit all 3 to defeat them.
  • Mooshoo Pork - A Cow-Pig hybrid, you fight him in a electrical chamber. Hit the switch to strike lightning at him until he is defeated.
  • Mecharez - Based off Mechagodzilla and is fought in a Tokyo like city. Rez's "ultimate creation."
  • Rez - The final boss of the game, first you must get to his chamber then fight him by knocking him back into the force field. At certain points in the battle he grows larger.

Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

  • Rock Hard - A professional wrestler of WWGex Wrestling.
  • Brain of Oz - A giant floating translucent brain.
  • Rez - The final boss.