Helpers are vehicles/animals that assist Gex in progressing through certain stages in Gex 64 and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko.


Gex 64- The only known Helper to ever appear in the games prior to Gex 3 are the Turtle Taxis. The Turtle Taxis helped Gex venture through the Titanic/ocean level by providing transport between one area and another. They were also the only way you could finish all of the missions and find all of the collectibles in said level.

Gex 3- This game had the most Helpers in the entire series so far. All of these helpers were restricted to regular and bonus levels. However, some of them appeared in more than one level or more than one place in the level, and some even had the ability to attack enemies. They are, in no order whatsoever:

1. Tank Helper (Army Channel)

2. Camel Helper (Tut TV)

3. Kangaroo Helper (Bonus Level)

4. Crocodile Helper (The Buccaneer Program)

5. Burro Helper (Western Station)

6. Snowboard Helper (Holiday Broadcasting)