is a 2D side-scroller released in 1994 and the first game in the Gex series. It features various levels set in the Media Dimension such as: a haunted level, a toon level, a jungle level, a karate level and Rezopolis. It was first released for the 3DO in 1994. It was also released for the Playstation, PC, and Sega Saturn in 1995.


"It all started SO simply; I had just finished my usual morning routine of Nude Funkercise, fired up the Barkerlounger, grabbed a quick bite to eat and prepared to watch some serious tube. Little did I know, my snack was sent... by Rez."

After Gex's father is killed in explosion at NASA, he bottles up his emotions and becomes obsessed with TV. Later, when his rich uncle died, he inherited a large amount of money which he used to buy the world's largest TV. One day, while watching TV, he ate a passing fly - this, however, was a transmitter sent by Rez who then pulled Gex into the Media Dimension to use him as a new mascot and take over the world. Gex, however, managed to fight his way out and collects the remotes that control the world and manages to defeat Rez.


Channel Levels Description
Cemetery Frankie and Heli

Grave Danger

Tomato Soup

Disco Inferno


The First Channel that started the Scream TV levels in Enter the Gecko, based on the Horror Genre, and in -n-Puke, is a witch that is the first boss.
New Toonland Twin Towers


Rock it!

Knock! Knock! The Flatulator

Based off the 80's and early cartoons, along with references to Smurfs, this is a Toon Genre, with a Flatulent Super-villain as the second boss.
Jungle Isle Feeding Frenzy

Congo Chaos

Jungle Gym

Based on the Junge environment of Africa, and has a Dragon as the third boss.
Kung Fuville Sumo City

Fish Bait

Chop Chop

Toxic Turtle

Based on Feudal Japan, and old china, this is the Foreign Genre, with a spoof on Ninja Turtles as the boss.
Rezopolis Rez Knight Fever

On the Move

Rez' Lair

Rez's utopia, and final world, where you need to exceed with caution against Rez.
Planet X Saucer Section

Free Fall

Bombs Away

Head to Head

Newton's 4th Law

The Project

The Web Clothesline

A Bonus Channel for those who do the Bonuses perfectly.