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Gex the Gecko, named Reno (レノ) in Spin Tail, is the main protagonist of the Gex series. He is addicted to television, lives in Maui and is a secret agent. He is sent to defeat enemies, lead by the main antagonist, Rez.

Gex was originally named Gecko X[1]

Gex became a millionaire after he inherited money, from his dead great-uncle Charlie from Izod, and bought a mansion. In Gex: Enter The Gecko, Gex was recruited by a secret government agency to battle Rez and from then on he was a secret agent.

Sometime between the 2nd and 3rd game, Gex became partnered with Agent Xtra, battling TV terrorists. As an agent, Gex built his secret lair, the Gex Cave, underneath his Maui mansion. He also employed Alfred to be his butler.

Four of his family members are known: his father (not actually seen but the instruction manual for the first game tells that Gex's father and ten human volunteers were killed in an accident when their rocket blew up on the launch pad), his mother (not actually seen in-game) who, after Gex's father died, fired everybody in NASA and sold the rockets to "some third world countries", Rex, Gex's Jurassic ancestor, and Cuz, Gex's overweight cousin.


After a NASA accident resulting in his father's death, Gex became cooped up, watching TV for a great portion of his life. However, this rewarded nothing but the catchphrases Gex throws out. Gex is virtually never in panic; he seems to keep everything calm and instead let his tail do the talking. He is also never serious and makes a joke of everything, even when getting hurt.


Gex makes multiple quotes and sayings depending on what triggers them. Take a look at these pages to see more.




A pair of Oakley Eye Jacket Iridium sunglasses similar to those worn by Gex.

  • Gex was fashioned off the characters of James Bond, for Gex: Enter the Gecko, and Austin Powers, for Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko, as can be seen in the cover artwork for each game.
  • The sunglasses Gex is often seen wearing in promotional images for Enter the Gecko and Gex 3 are based on the Oakley Eye Jacket Iridium style of sunglasses.
  • Gex contributes to the games with wise-cracking remarks laced with American TV-culture and pop-culture references, paying homage to Ash Williams, the protagonist from The Evil Dead films.
  • The rumors section of the Official Playstation Magazine and Nintendo Power spoke of Gex’s return on the PlayStation 2 and GameCube sometime near the release of Crystal Dynamics's Blood Omen 2. The exact month and issue number of the statement is not known at this time.
  • In the Japanese release of Gex: Enter the Gecko, where the game was localized as Spin Tail (スピンテイル Supinteiru), Gex's name was changed to Reno (レノ) despite his original name (ゲックス Gekkusu) remaining the same in the Japanese release of the first game.
  • Gex has been referenced in The Henry Stickmin Collection as Waxwell Gex.
  • Gex along with the platformer mascots, Sonic The Hedgehog and Bubsy The Bobcat are referenced in the game Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. They are mainly brought up in one of the flashback levels, The Gauntlet. In the level, Cortex makes the comment about testing animals: "Maybe next time I'll try a hedgehog... or a bobcat... or a gecko" making a direct nod to the mascots.

The Gex film which was rumoured to be done by DreamWorks.

  • In Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 144, a Gex animated film was rumoured and it would have been done by DreamWorks. However, it was mentioned that it yet to enter the production phase at the time. But, it assumed the pitch never went through, since there was no follow-up on this rumour since this publication. Similarly, how many movies based on videogames didn't follow through at the time.