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Channel Z is the final boss level in Gex: Enter the Gecko and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko.


While Rezopolis was being reconstructed, it seems as if Rez had another HQ built for him. This place was called "Channel Z" and it served as his eyes and ears throughout the Media Dimension. Judging from the appearance of the place, it was located somewhere within Rezopolis, most likely either in the center or the most secure area. However, despite being well protected, Gex managed to infiltrate Channel Z and confront Rez. After a grueling battle, Gex would be victorious, trapping Rez in a TV screen. Rez tells Gex that he was Gex's father and that, upon trying to get free cable, he was sent to the Media Dimension when he fell into garbage. Unfortunately for Rez, Gex didn't care about whether or not Rez was related to him; he still sent the tyrant packing and turned off the TV, putting an end to Rez, or so he thought.

In Gex 3, it reappears, this time as a space station orbiting the Media Dimension. Agent Xtra was being held inside by Rez, who attacked Gex upon entry after Gex had activated a teleportation device that led to Rez's chamber. Another fight broke out, and before long, Rez would once again suffer defeat, this time seemingly for good.



  • In Gex, Channel Z is called Rez's Lair until Enter the Gecko was introduced.
  • So far Channel Z is the only channel to return in all three games.
  • Rez's head in this channel logo had a green coloring on the bottom of his head in Enter the Gecko. However when the player reaches the end of a Rezopolis level or is playing Deep Cover Gecko however the bottom portion is gray.