Bonus TV

Bonus Screen

Bonus Levels, or Bonus Bonanzas, are levels that involve some sort of special activity. In the first Gex game, bonus rounds are acessed through portals. In the bonus round Gex has a short amount of time to complete a task. If he does it perfectly, Gex will get a piece of the Planet X remote. Once Gex completes all the bonus levels he can go to Planet X. In Gex Enter the Gecko, Gex has to collect a certain amount of items in time in the bonus levels. Gex gets a Gold Remote when he beats a bonus level. In Gex 3, the bonus levels had Gex doing things such as ringing bells or destroying rez tanks in a limited amount of time. Clocks can be collected to restore some time. When a bonus level was completed Gex would get a secret code to use in the Gex Vault.

Gex: Enter the Gecko

Aztec 2 Step

Thursday the 12th

In Drag Net

The Spy who Loved Himself

I Got the Reruns

Trouble in Uranus

Lizard in a China Shop

Bugged Out

Chips and Dips

Gex: Deep Cover Gecko

Marsupial Madness

Gextreme Sports

What a Crock!

True Grits

War and Pieces