Agent Xtra
Agent Xtra image
Xtra as seen in Deep Cover Gecko.
Vital statistics
Title Head of the T.T.D.U.
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Gex
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Status Alive
Location Muai


Agent Xtra is first introduced in the introduction of Gex: Enter the Gecko. She is briefly mentioned in the game manual as "Special Agent EXTRA" an agent for the agency that recruited Gex. Gex meets her in a limo and Xtra tells Gex that she loves television. She plays a bigger part in the third game. After Enter the Gecko, Gex and Agent Xtra became partners.


She is a secret agent, head of the TV Terrorist Defense Unit and Gex's love interest/partner. As stated above, she plays a bigger part in Deep Cover Gecko, where Rez kidnapped her to get to Gex. Throughout the game Gex constantly flirts with her and she repeatedly turns him down. After Gex rescues her from Rez she accepts his love.


"Come here you silly gecko" said before Gex and Agent Xtra make love


Agent Xtra was played by former Baywatch actress Marliece Andrada who played Sky Bergman in Season 8 of the series (making Xtra the only character to be live-acted). In fact, the newscaster in the intro references this by saying that Xtra was "last seen wearing high heels and a red bathing suit".